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“The truth will set you free”

The Sage archetype seeks truth above all things and wisdom in all situations as it attempts to understand the world. It is more likely to collect and dissect knowledge, then pass it on to others who want to change the world, rather than do it itself. The Sage celebrates lifelong learning and a never-ending pursuit of wisdom as it tries to understand things as deeply as possible.

The Sage archetype believes thought is what defines the human experience and that truth is the ultimate goal. It constantly balances tradition and stability with growth and change as it discovers new pieces that fit or shift the whole. The Sage, motivated by independence and an intense desire to know, possesses deep knowledge gained from deep, personal experiences, though it values detachment and objectivity from its acquired wisdom.

The Sage shuns ambiguity, misinformation, misleading claims, and ignorance, whether in itself or in others, preferring rational decisions and diligent research. In its quest for truth, it may be challenged to avoid self-righteousness and arrogance, a rigid reliance on dogma, and a severe lack of action in favor of gathering yet more information. No one enjoys a “know-it-all” attitude, especially without action.

Core Principles

Pillar: Discover Self-Actualization

Drive: Wisdom, Intelligence, Expertise, Information, Influence

Fear: Ignorance, Insanity, Misinformation, Inaccuracy – Being misled or ignored

Strategy: Show Path to Wisdom, Celebrate Life-long Learning


Goal: To use intelligence and wisdom to understand the world

Voice: Knowledgeable, Assured, Guiding – Education is the path to Wisdom. Wisdom is where answers are.

What customers FEEL: Educated, Engrossed

Audience: Analytical, Accurate, Intelligent, Astute




Analysis Paralysis, Non-action



Fundamental: Sage: The Sage archetype values knowledge and learning as it seeks the truth. This archetype embodies wisdom and cultivates connections between seemingly separate ideas and things. The Sage archetype houses different aspects that emerge based on various strengths and expressions, all underpinned by the main characteristics of the fundamental.

Sage consumers can be tough — They don’t succumb easily to the “herd mentality” because they recognize the value of independent thought and they don’t engage in high-pressure sales and marketing tactics. They enjoy learning for learning’s sake and for the pure joy of adding new knowledge to their memory banks. To connect with Sage consumers, give them the information they need to make an informed decision or connect the dots for them in a way that allows them to use your analysis without feeling lesser for not having seen the connection in the first place. Whatever you do, do not talk down to them or dumb down your message. If you insult their intellect, you’ll likely lose a potential consumer for life.