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“Power isn’t everything — It’s the only thing”

The Ruler archetype is extremely confident and commanding, with an innate desire to lead as a means to prevent chaos. It seeks control to create productive and constructive environments, and feels qualified to do so based on proven competence. The Ruler knows what’s good for the world and the world trusts it. Ruler brands are known for speaking authoritatively and making it known that they’re the leaders in their industry. They are the CEO, the King or Queen, the boss, etc. with the polished swag, poise, and success to back it.

The Ruler archetype is motivated not only by its desire for power and control but its desire to prevent widespread chaos. It sees itself as a commanding leader and role model for others to emulate, seeking to help others in their quests for self-actualization. The Ruler exudes class and sophistication, and as such, loves all things substantial, timeless, and high quality.

As the name implies, the Ruler tends to create the rules out of a sense of knowing what’s good for others and expects them to fall in line. It uses its power and status to create positive outcomes but should be very careful not to become domineering or authoritarian.

Core Principles

Pillar: Provide Structure

Drive: Power, Prosperity, Status, Success, Wealth

Fear: Weakness, Insignificance, Failure, Poverty, Destitution – Being Overthrown

Strategy: Exert Leadership, Demonstrate Superiority


Goal: Create prosperity and success, self-actualization

Voice: Commanding, Refined, Articulate – You are successful in work and life. Reward your excellence.

What customers FEEL: Enthralled, Admiration

Audience: High Achiever, Successful, Ambitious







Fundamental: Ruler: The Ruler archetype possesses a high degree of confidence and has an innate desire to lead. It strives to create environments that are productive and harmonious, and feels qualified to do so based on proven competence. The Ruler archetype houses different aspects that emerge based on various strengths and expressions, all underpinned by the main characteristics of the fundamental.

Ruler consumers gravitate towards brands that evoke powerful impressions that influence how others perceive them. They are often natural leaders themselves, with their own accomplishments and responsibilities, and don’t like taking orders from others, waiting, or second-tier status or service. Even the most evolved or down-to-earth among them — those that don’t expect special treatment — would still appreciate it. To connect with Ruler consumers, you need to reaffirm their sense of power and control. Consider how you can make them feel important and focus on the stability you can give them.