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Liberation / Revolution



“Rules are meant to be broken”

The Outlaw archetype is an inherently disruptive force that taps into our deep desire for nonconformity, to the point of rebellion. It breaks rules, opposes mainstream culture, and develops radical ideas, services, and products to challenge the world as we know it. Brands that align to the Outlaw archetype are action-oriented, preferring to overturn what’s established rather than simply talking about it. The Outlaw aims to make others equally uncomfortable with the status quo to evoke true change.

The Outlaw archetype is motivated by a desire for revolution and social change, serving as a harbinger of new perspectives, updated outlooks, and cultural awakenings. It does not support or conform to structures or modes of thinking that simply do not work, even if society does. Instead, the Outlaw seeks to overturn what’s established to create a more cooperative, accepting, and free society.

Like the Creator archetype, the Outlaw is inherently nonconformist. However, the Outlaw is usually more aggressive in thought and action. It seeks radical changes to existing systems and can resort to shock and recklessness to get its point across. If left unchecked, the Outlaw may stumble into being fueled by its rage, lose its sense of boundaries, and resort to lawlessness.

Core Principles

Pillar: Leave Legacy

Drive: Liberation, Change, Righteousness, Retribution, Independence

Fear: Servitude, Conformity, Complacency, Acceptance, Dependence – Being Inconsequential

Strategy: Denounce status quo, Disrupt + shock


Goal: To destroy what’s not working

Voice: Disruptive, Rebellious, Combative, Raw – Don’t settle for status quo. Demand more, then get it.

What customers FEEL: Stimulated, Thrilled, Uncommon

Audience: Non-conformist, Rulebreakers, Rebellious, Edge of Society

Radical Freedom



Taking fun too far

Becoming the Shadow

Being Fueled by Hate or Anger

Fundamental: Outlaw: The Outlaw archetype is a rule-breaker and a risk-taker. It is fed up with convention and pushes to bring about social change, a fresh perspective, or a reawakening. The Outlaw archetype houses different aspects that emerge based on various strengths and expressions, all underpinned by the main characteristics of the fundamental.


Oftentimes, Outlaw consumers are those who have pushed beyond the Explorer archetype. They may feel like castoffs from the dominant culture and, if pushed far enough, their alienation can be a trigger that leads to rage. They have a deep-seated desire for freedom, but may not be total anarchists. Sometimes, they simply feel a need to let off steam every now and then. To connect with Outlaw consumers, you’ll have to prove you’re one of them, showing a genuine disdain for the status quo and conformity while empowering and facilitating revolution. Brands with a higher revolutionary focus usually avoid mainstream media and outlets due to the potential to offend and will need to reach consumers through targeted special interest groups and wherever else they may reside.