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“Life is Simple. Simplicity is Elegant” // “Keep it Simple”

The Innocent archetype is a positive personality with an optimistic outlook. It craves safety, but ultimately truly wants happiness and simplicity. Because it is honest with no ill-will towards anyone, it is terrified of not only doing something wrong but also being punished for that wrongdoing. The Innocent tends to see beauty in everyone and can usually see an inner beauty that others may not.

The Innocent archetype is an eternal optimist, lacking cunningness or corruption, that sees the potential for beauty in everything. Purity, virtuosity, and faultlessness lie at the heart of every thought and action for this archetype as it seeks the promise of paradise. The innocent finds joy and meaning in simple pleasures, embodying inner peace and acceptance.

The Innocent archetype is honest and wholesome, as it does not operate with hidden agendas, loves freely and unconditionally, and trusts and forgives. As it is unsullied by manipulation or cynicism,  it may appear naive or gullible. At its worst, the Innocent may choose to retreat to fantasy as a means to avoid or repress actual issues.

Core Principles

Pillar: Discover Self-Actualization

Drive: Happiness, Morality, Simplicity, Honesty, Positivity

Fear: Anguish, Depravity, Complexity, Deceit, Negativity – Doing something wrong

Strategy: Display Wholesome Virtue, Foster a Feel-Good Spirit


Goal: To be happy

Voice: Optimistic, Honest, Humble – Most Wholesome Things in Life are Pure.

What customers FEEL: Joyful, Encouraged

Audience: Wholesome, Natural, Responsible, Aware







Fundamental: Innocent: The Innocent archetype has an unbridled sense of wonder, seeing the world as honest and wholesome. This archetype embodies a sense of renewal, inner peace, and nostalgia. The Innocent archetype houses different aspects that emerge based on various strengths and expressions, all underpinned by the main characteristics of the fundamental.

Innocent consumers prefer honest, straight-talking, gimmick-free advertising and are naturally drawn to optimistic brands. Anything that is heavy, guilt-inducing, or negative is immediately off-putting. They like brands that make life simple and when they find one they can trust, they are usually loyal to it. These consumers long to have some sort of traditionally ideal life, complete with a perfect partner, well-behaved kids, a fulfilling job, and a nice home. To connect with Innocent consumers, be honest and kind while showcasing how you’ll add to their goodness and make their lives simple and fun.