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“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”

The Hero archetype seeks to prove its worth and mastery in its industry in a way that improves the world. It finds deep satisfaction in triumphing over adversity and inspiring others in the process. The Hero is determined to leave its mark on the world, even at the risk of great sacrifice.

The Hero archetype acts to redeem society, often feeling compelled to right a major wrong — sometimes to save the world, sometimes to achieve a personal goal. It is admired for its self-sacrifice and courage, as the essence of the Hero lies in the sacrifice required to achieve its goal, usually enduring a strong sense of loneliness and intense responsibility. The Hero’s Journey is a universal story that almost everyone can relate to as the hero seeks to understand itself and its role in the face of daunting challenges.

The Hero archetype is a warrior, soldier, athlete, and — yes — superhero. In every story, as it tries to save the day, it finds its redemption, strength, and transformation and aims to impart that on others. As a powerful and courageous force, it must not allow itself to fall into arrogance or delusions of grandeur. It’s a sad thing to watch a beloved hero spiral into the very villainy it sought to overcome.

Core Principles

Pillar: Leave Legacy

Drive: Mastery, Defense, Courage, Winning

Fear: Cowardice, Failure, Ineptitude, Losing – Unintended negative consequences

Strategy: Be Stronger and Better, Prove People Wrong


Goal: To exert mastery in a way that improves the world

Voice: Motivational, Candid, Brave – We can make the world better. We have the determination.

What customers FEEL: Inspired, Strong, Determined, Motivated

Audience: Determined, Ambitious, Strong-willed, Resolute






Dependence on an “Enemy”

Fundamental: Hero: The Hero archetype is represented by sacrifice, courage, faith, and strength. This archetype lives to triumph over adversity and will overcome great odds to facilitate transformation. The Hero archetype houses different aspects that emerge based on various strengths and expressions, all underpinned by the main characteristics of the fundamental.

Hero consumers are typically achievement-oriented and competitive,  even if just against themselves. In the quest to prove themselves, they’ll develop their mental and physical abilities as they fight to overcome various challenges. Because they often see themselves as good and moral people, they are attracted to brands that demonstrate their convictions. To connect with Hero consumers, you must state your ambitions clearly and understand you are being evaluated on more than your products or services — The strength of your moral convictions is on display.