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“Love your neighbor as you love yourself”

The Caregiver archetype is purely altruistic, driven by its intrinsic capacity for selfless nurturing and its desire to reassure others. It wants to live in a world where people take care of each other, with structures in place that prevent abandonment and neglect. The Caregiver is compassionate, generous, and self-sacrificing — circumventing conventional thought as it often gives with no expectation of anything in return. The Caregiver aligns with the core human need of service through empathy and human connection.

The Caregiver archetype is an altruist, moved by compassion and generosity to make people feel nurtured and secure. It is empathetic and selfless, pure and gentle, and reflects the basic qualities of a standard caregiving relationship. It is also relatively outward-facing, using its high competence to provide stability or structure to ease the burdens of others, especially those less fortunate or resilient.

The Caregiver is driven to give of itself because it believes that to do so is its responsibility. While that is a beautifully selfless charge, the Caregiver sometimes acts with a near sacrificial concern for others. It may drain itself through its inability to say no, always wanting to help, even when that’s detrimental to itself.

Core Principles

Pillar: Provide Structure

Drive: Support, Help, Service, Recognition, Gratitude

Fear: Anguish, Helplessness, Ingratitude, Neglect, Blame – Being Overthrown

Strategy: Others before self, The greater good is worth sacrifice


Goal: To care for and protect others

Voice: Caring, Warm, Reassuring – Everyone deserves care and we must all strive to help each other.

What customers FEEL: Secure, Thankful, Safe

Audience: Vulnerable, Insecure, Exposed, At-Risk






Fear of Instability

Fundamental: Caregiver: The Caregiver archetype is compassionate and empathetic, with a deep-rooted concern for others. It remains calm in crisis and extremely optimistic, believing in a world where people simply take care of each other. The Caregiver archetype houses different aspects that emerge based on various strengths and expressions, all underpinned by the main characteristics of the fundamental.

Caregiver consumers are constantly trying to achieve balance in caring for others instead of themselves, so brands that can speak to this struggle will resonate with these individuals. Occasionally, they like to be recognized for their service since they often go unappreciated or under the radar. Caregiver consumers, while relatively pure, are neither naive nor easily fooled by everything they hear — To connect with them, you’ll have to actively show that you care, not just say it.