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"If it can be imagined, it can be created."

The Creator archetype is an extremely imaginative cultural pioneer with unique, nonconforming points of view and nonlinear thought patterns. Its aesthetic is on point, and because it understands the importance of innovation and invention, it is dedicated, hardworking, and achievement-oriented. The Creator is driven by its innate desire to create something meaningful and enduring and it gets deep satisfaction from both the process and outcome of creating something that didn’t exist before.

The Creator archetype acts on its innate and intense need to innovate, invent, or reinterpret the world and structures around it.  It embodies the full breadth and fullness of the human experience and works hard to express emotions, thoughts, and concepts in ways that haven’t previously been explored. The Creator, as an arbiter of taste and culture, uses its developed aesthetic and unique point of view to pioneer new cultural perspectives.

The Creator is inherently nonconformist, unconcerned with fitting in, in favor of expressing something deeply felt as it creates according to a vision of how things could be better. It will fight uphill battles, swim against the current, and destroy established practices in its quest to create something of enduring value, but can get tripped up by perfectionism and fear of mediocrity and judgment.



Goal:  To realize a vision, hone artistic skill, express  yourself, create

Voice:  Inspirational, Daring, Provocative – See potential everywhere and uncover originality

What customers FEEL:  Amazed, Inspired

Audience:  Creative, Innovative, Resourceful, Proud

Core Principles

Pillar:  Provide Structure

Drive:  Creation, Originality, Self-Expression, Vision, Imagination

Fear:  Stagnation, Duplication, Familiarity, Disillusion, Indifference – Mediocre vision or execution

Strategy:  Inspire to unlock imagination, Encourage originality









Similar Brands

Aspect   //   Creator

The Creator archetype notices and acts upon the need for innovation and reinterpretation. It is dedicated, hardworking, and achievement-oriented as it expresses itself creatively. The Creator archetype houses different aspects that emerge based on various strengths and expressions, all underpinned by the main characteristics of the fundamental.


The Sovereign aspect carries an air of prestige, tradition, and royalty and as such, usually exudes dignity and nobility. Because its ascent to power comes through inheritance or coup, there may be a disconnect between its actions and what’s best for the commonwealth. The Sovereign works to show what can be achieved through cooperation but should avoid the pitfalls of acting out of entitlement, self-service, or a desire to avoid being irrelevant as it’s a slippery slope to dictatorship. 


The Judge aspect uses impartial, logical discernment and wisdom to challenge wrongs that need to be righted, in an attempt to provide structure to society. It seeks to balance justice and compassion, opting for altruistic punishment as it understands justice is not revenge. This Judge is driven to create a world that is fair and just but can be seduced by power or fall prey to using its power to manipulate if it’s not careful.


Acting as a diplomat, the Ambassador aspect is driven by its desire to bring people together and resolve issues. As it values harmony and stability, it doesn’t bend to special interests but rather seeks an empathetic and tolerant world for the greater common good. This aspect maneuvers through various groups and strategically approaches complex issues with a sense of diplomacy, sensitivity, open-mindedness, and integrity, but should ensure it doesn’t misuse its influence or prioritize any one group over others.

Head of the House

The Head of the House aspect — in other places known as the Patriarch — comes from a lineage of leadership and is driven to take care of its “children” or those in its care. Its approach to order differs from that of the Judge aspect in that the Head of Household works on a firm incentive/punishment model to maintain order. While the Head of the House will forsake its own needs for the protection of those in its custody and inspires feelings of security, it should be careful not to fall into abusive control or a tyrannical leadership style.

Creator consumers use their purchases as a means of self-expression, so they prefer anything well-built and well-designed, with meaning attached. They absolutely hate cheap, mass-produced junk but they aren’t snobbish or elitists — They simply refuse to spend their money on items they feel have no creative value, unless necessary. To reach Creator consumers, you have to inspire self-expression and celebrate the creative process.

In unprecedented turbulent times, the Creator in many consumers may be awakened through our need to control our world by creating our own environment. The more out-of-control the world feels, the more we feel the need to create and express ourselves as a means to achieve stability and peace.