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DJ Lauren Jay holding her headphones on her head at an event.

Guest Curator —

DJ Lauren Jay

Meet LAUREN JAY, the DC-based DJ with roots in Detroit’s music scene. With a passion for storytelling through music, she creates unforgettable sets that invite music lovers on an evolving journey.

Like design, music is a universal language that speaks volumes. It’s an art form and a reflection of human creativity and imagination that serves as a soundtrack to our lives. And because of that, we’re excited to present curated playlists that speak to us and spark our creativity. From hip-hop and R&B to electronic and house, each track has been handpicked to ignite inspiration, fuel creative energy, set the stage for innovative design, and yes — to release ya wiggle.

Only the Radio Could Play Me

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Guest Curator —

DJ Lauren Jay

LAUREN JAY is a Washington, DC-based DJ hailing from the eastside of Detroit, MI. Leading with the groove of Motown and the grit of the Murder Mitten, her sets are inspired by anything from funky bass lines and soulful tunes to lo-fi loops and brash lyrics. She loves experimenting across decades and genres to capture and create a moment for the listener.

Realizing her passion for music early on, LAUREN began learning the violin and taught herself piano. She’s no slouch on the mic either. Writing her own songs and poems, she’s always found a way to share what’s on her heart with others.

As a storyteller by day, LAUREN began merging her love for music with her interest in journalism while managing her college radio station where she hosted a weekly music show and worked as an audio engineer. Now, as she makes her way in D.C., LAUREN is channeling heart and humility into constantly evolving her sound – and every music lover is invited on the journey.

From b-sides to Billboard, LAUREN JAY leans into range and creativity in everything she touches